How it works

As a doctor it can be difficult getting the right information across to your patient in limited time. Sometimes there is a language barrier, or a knowledge gap, any way: not all information is always well understood. By using ENLITE you can inform your patients better, and truly team up in deciding on the next steps.

The doctor or doctor’s assistant can simply select the right diagnosis, and fill out the e-mail address of a patient or their close contact. With one mouse click a unique link is then sent securely, allowing the patient to access the right information.

The information in the link consists of a few short animations about their diagnosis, and what can be done about it. The information is always up-to-date, and available in more than one language. This way, the patient will have the option of watching it again and again, in the language of their choice.

Starting with a well-informed patient, a healthy partnership is created with the doctor, which leads to proper shared decision making. This promotes awareness, selfmanagement and compliance, and it leads to better health outcomes!