We care to make everyone understand!

Good patient information, available always and everywhere, is essential for good health care. 

Patients often have trouble understanding the information offered (in leaflets, websites or conversations) and even in the outpatient clinic not everything is cleared up in the limited time available. That is a missed opportunity, since a well informed patient has less anxiety, beter complicance and better health outcomes.

ENLITE provides patient education on demand, in simple and short animations, delivered safely.

We help the doctor (and) care for the patient!

Animations: the best way of informing

Information sticks, better than flyers

It saves time

View and repeat, when & wherever

Everyone gets the same information

Tailored animations

New animations on diagnoses can be developed to order. Together we compose the script, and settle on a storyboard. We at ENLITE will illustrate and edit the video, with your feedback every step of the way. Within a few weeks we co-create the education material that your patients need. Tailored in words and images.

Interested? Feel free to contact us.

Testimonials from our users

The animations for our patients that will have surgery have turned our great! It was a pleasant collaboration, and we managed to get it done quickly.

The custom video’s were all ready for use very quickly

Ralph Wijnhoven,
Nurse Practitioner
Eye Surgery, UMC Utrecht

ENLITE makes video’s that help us council our patients better. And they can watch it as many times as they want, even with their family.

This is the next step in patient information and shared decision making 

Hence Verhagen,
Professor in Vascular Surgery,
Erasmus MC

With the help of these video´s I finally understand my father’s health issues. Now I can support him in changing his bad habits and his diet.

And best of all: we both finally understand what all his pills are for!

Daughter of a patient
with intermittent claudication