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Your Diagnosis: Critical limb ischemia

In critical limb ischemia you have pain in your feet at rest, or non-healing ulcers. All because there is not enough blood flowing through your legs and feet. How this occurs, and why you are suffering from critical limb ischemia is explained in the first three videos.

With critical ischemia it is important to live and eat healthy, and take the right medications. In the fourth video you can see what medication to take and what else you can do.

The final video shows what else the doctor can do to treat the blood flow to your feet. The treatment of wound or ulcers on the foot can also be difficult. An operation is often necessary.

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1What is critical limb ischemia?https://vimeo.com/674492314

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2What causes critical limb ischemia?

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3Why me?

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4what can I do?

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5What is the treatment?

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